Terms and Conditions

All applicants who submit an application form must agree to the Terms & Conditions set out below:

Terms & Conditions

  1. Applicants must be 18 years or over at the time of application.
  2. Once the online application is submitted, there is to be no stage name or biography changes.
  3. Each finalist’s official acceptance into the competition should be made with utmost due care. Pulling out of the competition will be granted under medical and extenuating circumstances only. Future reapplication will be refused if an adequate reason for withdrawal is not provided.
  4. A small application fee of £10 needs to be paid with the application. This fee is non-refundable.
  5. Only once accepted into a competition, finalists will be required to pay a non-refundable acceptance fee of £25 (Miss Burlesque UK Competition) or £20 (Miss Burlesque Scotland & Mr Boylesque UK Competition)
  6. All photos on the application must be Professional Images. Permission by the photographer is a must and is the responsibility of the applicant.
  7. After receiving confirmation of acceptance, the finalist will be sent an email with the finalist info pack.
  8. Each entrant MUST represent the country in which they reside. Applicants from other countries may be considered if the contestant grew up or was born there, but they must cover their own costs to fly/travel to compete. For the Miss Burlesque UK competition, applicants can be from anywhere in the UK apart from Scotland, where we encourage entrants to apply for the Miss Burlesque Scotland competition. All Ireland entrants must apply for the Ireland competition, which includes Northern Ireland entrants.
  9. By entering the competition, you agree to being photographed and filmed at any time during the competition by the official Miss Burlesque photographer/videographer. These photos and video may be used on Miss Burlesque online and printed publications and will remain the property of Miss Burlesque.
  10. Finalists are required to promote the sale of tickets via use of their own mailing lists, websites, Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. Assistance will be provided by Miss Burlesque.
  11. Finalists agree to make themselves available for media opportunities relating to Miss Burlesque and understand that in most cases, these editorials and shoots are unpaid by Media.
  12. In no way is any performance submitted to Miss Burlesque allowed to depict violence against women.
  13. Each finalist must perform routines of their own making that adhere to the rules and guidelines, outlined by the competition.
  14. Miss Burlesque is not responsible for any injuries sustained in performances during the competition. Finalists must have their own Public Liability Personal Accident Cover Insurance. We recommend having an Equity membership. Miss Burlesque will do its best to ensure that the venues are safe to perform in and will be covered for any Public Liability. Finalists are responsible for their props and any injuries sustained as a result of their use.
  15. Finalists will be judged according to the criteria of the competition and all scores are put through an Olympic scoring system. The judge’s decision is final.
  16. Finalists will not be paid for any performance in the competition and Miss Burlesque is not liable for any costs incurred for competitors to participate in the competition.
  17. The Miss Burlesque/Mr Boylesque national titleholder must make all reasonable attempts to ensure that by accepting major tours or undertaking extended travel, that these events/dates do not conflict with any Miss Burlesque/Mr Boylesque commitments. We kindly ask that the national title holder notify Miss Burlesque before any event advertising, that uses their image as the main focus. They will be the national promotional feature of Miss Burlesque UK or ‘country name’ for their reigning year, so must be careful not to overuse their image. The national title holder should also be mindful of what Burlesque competitions they enter during their reign.
  18. If you win the national title of Miss Burlesque/Mr Boylesque UK or ‘country name’, you will be asked to return to the national final the following year to perform and hand over the title. You must also promote the final to the best of your abilities.
  19. As a Miss Burlesque title holder, you agree to promote yourself using your national title in the correct way. In the reigning year of the title you can call yourself e.g. Miss Burlesque UK. In the years following your reign, you must use the year in which you won e.g. Miss Burlesque UK 2018 or Former Miss Burlesque UK.